There is nothing more satisfying than knowing I have done my job well and made my clients happy.


"Even within the first 10 minutes of my session with Allison I already had a good understanding of where I was going wrong in my wardrobe. Her detailed guidance on what works and doesn't work for my body shape was easy to grasp and she imparted all of her advice in a friendly but knowledgeable manner. I have always been a hoarder but Allison helped me to work through my clothing and made me realise that I needed to be much more organised and scrupulous to make my wardrobe work for me! She helped me to look at the clothing I already own in a different way and helped me with what I need to look for when shopping in the future. I now feel much better equipped to handle my wardrobe choices and feel that I have a much better understanding of what clothing suits me and works for my body shape. I know that I am going to have fun with putting outfits together, using the tips that Allison shared. The whole experience of a Wardrobe Edit with Allison was informative, pleasurable and most of all, fun! She clearly has a very strong understanding of fashion and she is able to share her knowledge in a straightforward, amiable and enthusiastic way. I would highly recommend a session with her - thank you Allison! "
Ella, Staffordshire.
"A fabulous and enjoyable experience! Very professional and amazing outfit recommendations. Allison was friendly and very easy to talk to when going through my questionnaire making sure I got the most out of the whole experience. I will definitely be using Allison again for future events and wardrobe edits!"
Charlotte, Nottingham.
"From our video consultation Allison identified which clothes would best suit my body shape. Her follow up email was full of suggestions that showed that she had clearly identified my wardrobe needs.She gave a thorough explanation for her suggestions and I particularly liked how the outfits were put together on the pdf making it easy for me to see how items could be mixed and matched. The whole online shopping process was made so easy, I simply had to click the image she had provided and I was straight at the website ready to buy! This is my first experience of working with a personal stylist and talking about my shape and shopping habits - it was great fun and very helpful!"
Lesley, Shrewsbury.
"I had been feeling a little disheartened with my clothes , I didn’t know what body shape I had or what my style was so I turned to Allison for help. During the phone consultation Allison listened with an attentive approach to everything I had to say about the events that I wanted to find outfits for. From the Images I sent and questionnaire I filled in Allison identified that I have a ‘Strawberry’ figure. The selection of clothes that Allison selected for me were easy to view directly on the store websites and all complimented my body proportions. Allison has helped me to build self-confidence and changed my attitude towards my style. I now have a better understanding of what sort of clothing I should be buying . "
Rebecca, Staffordshire.
"My mini personal shop with Allison was such a wonderful experience from start to finish, her knowledge and expertise really opened my eyes to new ways to dress and shop. She was able to tell me lots of things I didn’t know about my body and how to make the most of my assets. She has an amazing eye for fashion and picked out some beautiful items that really pushed me out of my comfort zone by introducing me to brands I didn’t know of. I would recommend Allison to every woman of any shape or size!"
Antonia, Staffordshire.
"I had a Mini Personal Shop with Allison and it was brilliant. Allison really took the time to understand what I love to wear and found a wonderful collection of outfits to embrace my style and body shape. I would highly recommend a session with her - it was a wonderful experience. Thank you Allison!"
Katy, Staffordshire.