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Clear and curated Wardrobe Service

Do you dream of a completely organised wardrobe full of only the things you love?

How would you like to know that you could open the doors to a curated wardrobe, everything in place for you, ready to grab an outfit that makes you feel great?

If you are feeling overwhelmed everytime you open those wardrobe doors then my Clear and Curated Wardrobe Service is what you have been longing for. As well as giving you all of the benefits of my classic Wardrobe Edit service, this service goes a step further providing you with all of the organisation and storage solutions needed for your dream wardrobe. This is a full day complete declutter and organise service. Alongside this I will deal with all of the items that you are ready to part with for a completely hassle free experience. 

I will arrive at your home fully prepared following an initial consultation where I will have discovered your specific needs and aims. The process of decluttering your wardrobe will then begin, working through the items to remove what no longer serves you. During this time we will also look at the items that are going to remain in your wardrobe and I will show you how to make them work harder for you with new and interesting ways to style. 

I will then begin working on the organisation of your space using items including replacement hangers, clear shoe boxes, shoulder covers and drawer dividers. When returning items to your wardrobe I will also assess the items and carry out any debobbling, steaming and general care required. 

You will be left with a completely organised space making it so much easier to put together outfits that you love and make you feel great. 

Following the decluttering process I will be able to identify any gaps in your wardrobe and provide you with a shopping list of items that are going to elevate and enhance your existing pieces. If you would like help finding these pieces we can then arrange a date for a personal shopping experience. 

Clear and Curated Wardrobe Service covers:

  • Pre experience consultation via video or telephone call

  • Physique Analysis

  • Styling tips on how to dress to fit and flatter your physique

  • Supplying of storage solutions, coat hangers, garment protectors etc, discussed at consultation 
  • Supply of garment care products 
  • 5hr Wardrobe Edit 

  • My honest and expert opinion 

  • Guidance on how to create fresh outfits from existing pieces

  • Advice on how to best care for the items in your wardrobe to keep them looking their best for longer.

  • A follow up email summarising what we have achieved, recapping the new skills that you have learnt during the experience including what works best for your physique.  

  • A shopping list of items identified as key pieces missing from your wardrobe. 

The prices below include a travel radius of 30 miles from Newcastle-under-Lyme. If you are further away please contact for additional costs.

Clear and Curated Wardrobe Service

£ 795
  • Pre-Consultation
  • Duration 5 Hours
  • Follow up email