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A winter coat is an investment piece for most of us, one that we will usually spend a bit more money than our average spend on. It is therefore important to make the right choice. I have put together my top tips to help you.

  1. Take the time to think about what you want from a coat e.g. Does it need to be waterproof? Does it need a hood? Where will you be wearing it most?
  1. Think about the things in your wardrobe that you are going to wear under your coat so  that you can decide what length you need.
  1. You need to make sure a coat is big enough to fit your jumpers underneath so maybe even consider sizing up.
  1. Find the right style for your body shape. For example, An hourglass body shape looks great in a style fitted at the waist and flared out over the hips. An Apple body Shape is better suited to an empire line fastening or a straight style with a contrasting colour worn underneath. 
  1. If you have found a coat that you love but think it is too expensive, think about how long it will last and how often you will wear it and try to work out the price per wear. This will help you make your decision. It is better to spend more money on something that you will wear often rather than buying lots of cheaper items that rarely get worn.
  1. When buying a traditional winter coat make sure you read the labels carefully. The higher the wool content the higher the quality of the fabric and the warmer the coat will be.
  1. If you want a coat to last for years to come don’t be drawn to seasonal colour trends. Think about the clothes in your wardrobe and what will go best with those. 
  1. Stick to classic fabrics, shapes and colours and use accessories such as scarves and belts and handbags to keep up with current trends.
  1. Consider buying secondhand, particularly if you are looking for a wool coat as often these are the type of coats that people mistakenly save for best if they have spent a lot of money on them. You might find something that has hardly been worn at a great price.
  1. Before you spend money on a new coat, take a look at what you have already got. Could you adapt what you have or add accessories to make you look at it differently and breathe new life into it?

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