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Is your inbox full of Black Friday deals? The marketing for Black Friday sales seems to get more and more relentless every year. It has become another phenomenon that we almost feel we must take part in. 

A couple of years ago I became completely overwhelmed by the constant discounts and offers that greeted me everyday throughout November when I opened my emails. I found I was sucked into clicking the links to see what the retailers were selling me as their “must buys” and then found myself in the zone of thinking I needed things because the offer was just too good to miss. 

The reality was I knew what I did and didn’t need but the shiny offers were trying to turn my head! Once I realised this I spent a little time unsubscribing to all of those emails as soon as another “amazing, too good to miss “ offer came through. This removed the temptation and stopped my inbox from being clogged up. 

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My Top Tips For Making The Sales Work For You

Of course there is nothing wrong with bagging a bargain.

There are definite benefits to the sales but preparation is key. An item is only a bargain if you really need it!

Here’s some tips to make the sales work for you.


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    • Know how much you can afford to spend and don’t go beyond that amount. 
    •  Know your wardrobe. This is the best way to know what you need to elevate your wardrobe is knowing exactly what you have already and where the gaps lie. This is where the services of a Personal Stylist can really show their benefits. A Wardrobe Edit with a Personal Stylist will show you what items are missing to create more outfits from what you already own. You won’t waste money on items that don’t work with what you have or that you don’t need because you already own a version of them already.
    • If you spot a bargain that looks too tempting to resist, stop and ask yourself if you like it enough that you would have paid full price for it. One of my biggest mantras is “ok is not good enough”. This should apply equally to sales shopping. Don’t buy something that’s “ok” just because you think it’s a bargain.
    • Where the sales can really work for you is upgrading staple pieces in your wardrobe that you wear time and time again. For example, maybe you have knitwear that you wear regularly. The sales are a good time to upgrade to cashmere. Maybe upgrading to higher quality denim if jeans are a go to item for you.
    • Investment pieces like coats, bags, boots and shoes are also items to look for if you know that you need them. To ensure longevity, go for classic styles rather than trends so that your bargain won’t have dated by next year and hang in the wardrobe unworn.


Using the services of a Personal Stylist gives you the clarity to know what works for you and what you need. You won’t waste money on those things you don’t really need. 

Don’t spend your hard earned money on things that will hang in your wardrobe unworn. 

Remember – Nothing is a bargain if you don’t wear it or need it!

If you want to know you are spending your money wisely take a look at the services I offer. Investing in yourself and knowing your shape and style will save you so much more in the long run than that bargain from the sales that hangs in your wardrobe unworn.

Thank you for reading, if you would like any more information please message me or comment below. Allison. x

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